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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ship Beaver Passenger List 1659

The ship De Beaver (The Beaver), Captain Jan Reyersz Van der Beets,  sailed from Amsterdam on 25 April 1659 and arrived in New Amsterdam July 1659.

Alexander Carolus Cursius (Cursins), Latin Schoolmaster from Lithuania

Albert Theunissen Vermeulen from Rotterdam - and wife and four children ages 4, 9, 16 and 17 years.
Fair [sic] paid in {siwant} by son, Cornelis Vermeulen

Amadeas (Amader) Fougie - Frenchman, farmer

Annetje Ruytenbeck, maiden (Annetjen Ruytenbeeck)

Claes Jansen, from Purmerend - wheelwright, and wife and servant and nursing child

Cornelis Michielsen (Michielsz), from Medemblick

Dirck Looten, clerk  "...he belongs to a good family and is also said to be a promising young man. If you have occasion to advance him, we recommend you to do so; in the meantime employ him, wherever his services may be found required and useful"

Geertry (Geertruyt) Van Meulen - maiden

Grietje (Grietgen) Christia(e)ns from Tonningen, Denmark (now belonging to Germany)

Hendrick Theunisz Hellinck and wife

Jacob Sam, and wife and family
"...to carry out our plans, a suitable and experienced bookkeeper is required there"

Jacobus vander Schelling- and his boy 13 years of age (Van der Schellingh)

Jacques Monier - Frenchman, agriculturer

Jacques Reneau - Frenchman, agriculturer

Laurens Van der Spiegel from Vlissingen (Flushing)
Fare to be paid by Christina Hey, a relative who came over previously. (Settled in New Amsterdam, dying after fathering 10 children. NYGB Record 57:43, 63:11)

Maintien Jans from Amsterdam - maiden (Vaintien, Wijntje?)

Marten van de Wert (Van de Weert), from Utrecht - hatter
[See Revised History of Harlem, James Riker; 1904, page 101]

Matthew Andriessen from Petershouck (Matheus Andriesz)

Matthieu Savariau - Frenchman, agriculturer

Peter Arentsen Diesvelt - tailor (Arentsz)

Peter Tollenaer from Hasselt (Pieter Follenaer)

Peter van Ecke from Leyden - planter (Van Eeke)

Pierre Grissaut - Frenchman, agriculturer (Cresson, Grisant)
[See Revised History of Harlem, James Riker;1904, page 101]

Pierre Monier - Frenchman, agriculturer

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