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"The truth is this--genealogy is our living, and we are busy every minute, [and we] could use more hours." --Jane Wethy Foley, 1942

Monday, January 24, 2011

See You in Court!!

"The Town Court was busied April 23d, 1672, with an investigation sought by David Demarest as to an assault made upon him the day before by Glaude Delamater. 

The towns folk being at work, making tight the fences of the Calf Pasture, Demarest fell into conversation with Ralph Doxey, Mr. DelavaIl's man.  After which, going to Delamater, he {Demarest} charged him as the cause of Heer Delavall{'s} being at variance with the town; adding, that before he, Delamater, became intimate with him, Delavall let his cows go with the herdsman. 

Delamater retorted that he" lied like a buffoon and a bugger," and seizing Demarest by the coat, kicked him.

Instinctively the latter caught up a stone and threw it, hitting Delamater on the breast! Here farther violence was stayed. 

As Demarest was a magistrate, the board had to refer the case to the Mayor's Court, and with that view, took the evidence of Jean le Roy, Adolph Meyer, Gillis Boudewynsen, and Lubbert Gerritsen. Joost van Oblinus became bail for Demarest's appearance." 

--From:  Riker, James. Harlem (City of New York) : its origin and early annals, prefaced by home scenes in the fatherlands, or, notices of its founders before emigration ; also, sketches of numerous families, and the recovered history of the land-titles. (New York: Printed for the author. 1881)

--Information in brackets{ } is mine.

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