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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dutch Names and Their English Equivalents

{Although girls' names are written here as ~tie, the corrected ending should read ~tje, which more closely approximates the original Dutch letters.}

Adriaen or Arien = Adrian.
Geertie = Gertrude.
Geesie = Grace.
Aeltie = Aletta.
Gysbert = Gilbert.
Aert = Arthur.
Hans (abbreviation of Latin, Johannes) = John.
Andries = Andrew.
Angenietie = Agnes.
Harck = Hercules.
Anneken, Annetie, or Antie = Ann, Anne, or Anna.
Hendrick = Henry.
Heyltie or Hilletie = Hellen.
Antony or Teunis = Antony.
Barent = Bernard.
Jacobus = James.
Jacomina or Jacomyntie = Jemima.
Belitie = Isabella
Jan = John.
Carel = Charles.
Jannetie or Janneken = Jane.
Catrina, Catryntie, Tryntie or Tryn = Catharine.
Joost = George or Justus.
Christina, Christyntie, Tryn or Styntie = Christiana.
Joris = George
Metie or Machteltie = Matilda.
Christoffel or Stoffel = Christopher
Margrietie or Grietie = Margaret
Claes = Nicholas.
Maria or Marritie = Mary.
Matthys or Thys = Mathias.
Cornelis = Cornelius.
Dirck or Derick = Richard.
Neeltie, Nelly = Cornelia.
Pieter = Peter.
Elizabet or Betie = Elizabeth.
Pietertie or Pieternella = fem. of Pieter.
Engeltie = Angeline.
Eytie = Ida.
Sara = Sarah.
Seytie = Cynthia.
Femmetie = Phebe/Phoebe/Feebie.
Willem or Wilhelmus = William.
Gerardiena or Gerardientie, or Dientie = Diana.
Willemtie or Wilhemina = fem. of Willem.

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