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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ship Defence passenger List, 1635

The Ship Defence, 1635

--From: Banks, Charles Edward, THE PLANTERS OF THE COMMONWEALTH: A study of the Emigrants and Emigration in Colonial Times to which are added Lists of Passengers to Boston and to the Bay Colony; the ships which brought them; their English Homes, and the Places of their Settlement in Massachusetts. 1620-1640
(Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1961). pp. 167-170.

The Ship Defence of London, Edward Bostock, Master. She sailed from London about the last of July (1635) and arrived at Boston October 8, with about one hundred passengers.

Robert Long, 45 of Dunstable county Bedford, innholder, Charlestown

Mrs. Elizabeth Long, 30

Michael Long, 20

Sarah Long, 18

Robert Long, 16

Elizabeth Long, 12

Anne Long, 10

Mary Long, 9

Rebecca Long, 8

John Long, 8

Zachary Long, 4

Joshua Long, 3/4


John Gould, 25, of Towcester, county Northants, Charlestown

Mrs. Grace Gould, 25


Adam Mott, 39,of Cambridge county Cambridge, tailor, Hingham

Mrs. Sarah Mott, 31

John Mott, 14

Adam Mott, 12

Jonathan Mott, 9

Elizabeth Mott, 6

Mary Mott, 4


John Shepard, 36, (pseudonym for the Rev. Thomas Shepard)

Mrs. Margaret Shepard, 31

Thomas Shepard, 1/2

Thomas Boylston, 20, of Fenchurch Street, London, Charlestown


Roger Harlakenden, 23, of Earl's Colne, county Essex, Cambridge

Mrs. Elizabeth Harlakenden, 18

Mabel Harlakenden, 22


*(following individuals listed as servants in Harlakenden party)*

Anne Wood, 23

Samuel Shepard, 22

Joseph Cooke, 27

George Cooke, 25

William French, 30

Mrs. Elizabeth French, 32


Sarah Simes, 30

*(end of servants list in Harlakenden party)*


Mrs. Elizabeth French, 30, Cambridge

Francis French, 10

Elizabeth French, 6

Mary French, 2 1/2

John French, 1/2


John Jackson, 30, Birching Lane, London


James Fitch, 30, Boston

Mrs. Abigail Fitch, 24

John Fitch, 14


Richard Park, 33, miller, Cambridge

Mrs. Margery Park, 30


Henry Dewhurst, 35


Robert Hill, 20, servant to Matthew, Medford Cradock


William Hubbard, 40, husbandman of Little Clacton, Essex, Ipswich

Mrs. Judith Hubbard, 25

John Hubbard, 15

William Hubbard, 13

Nathaniel Hubbard, 6

Richard Hubbard, 4

Martha Hubbard, 22

Mary Hubbard, 20


Robert Colborne, 28, Ipswich

Edward Colborne, 17


William Reade, 48, Boston

Mrs. Mabel Reade, 30

George Reade, 6

Ralph Reade, 5

Justus Reade, 1 1/2


Robert Keayne, 40, merchant of London, Boston

Mrs. Anne Keayne, 38

Benjamin Keayne, 16

Penelope Darno, 29, servant


William Williamson, 25

Mrs. Mary Williamson, 23


Jasper Gunn, 29, Milford, CT

Mrs. Anne Gunn, 25

Phebe Maulder, 7


Thomas Donn, 25

John Jenkins, 26

John Burtes, 29

William Sawkyn, 25


Mrs. Sarah Knight, 50

Dorothy Knight, 24

Susannah Farebrother, 25

Elizabeth Fenwick, 25

Dorothy Adams, 24

Francis Nutbrowne, 16

Martha Banes, 20

Elizabeth Steere, 18

Mary Bentley, 20

Simon Rogers, 20, shoemaker, Concord


The following distinguished persons came in this ship, although their names are not on the official passenger list. It is certain that they came under assumed names, owing to the rigorous inspection of emigrant ships to New England.

Rev. John Wilson, returning from England, Boston

Rev. Hugh Peter, of Fowey, county Cornwall, Salem


Rev. John Norton, of Bishops Stortford, county Herts, Ipswich

Mrs. Mary Norton


Rev. John Jones, Concord, Fairfield, CT

Mrs. Sarah Jones, 34

Sarah Jones, 15

John Jones, 11

Ruth Jones, 7

Theophilus Jones, 3

Rebecca Jones, 2

Elizabeth Jones, 1/2


The above was transcribed from The Planters Of The Commonwealth by Ken Gunn 3 June 1996.

Friday, May 13, 2011

New Jersey Magistrates 1673

At a meeting of the Commanders and Honorable Council of War of New Netherland, holden in Fort Willem Hendrik the 24th of August, 1673.

PRESENT--Commander Cornelis Evertse, Junior,
                  Commander Jacob Benckes,
                  Captain Anthony Colve. [1]

[1] These three men composed the Council and were present at all meetings until the beginning of Capt. Anthony Colve's administration of New York, for which the first entry of business was dated 19 Sept. 1673.

From Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New Jersey, Vol. 1: 1631-1687 (Newark, NJ: Daily Journal Establishment, 1880) p. 128.

Oaths of Allegiance, New Jersey, 1665-1668

From Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Vol. 1: 1631-1687 (Newark, NJ: Daily Journal Establishment, 1880) p. 48.

Peter Sonmans' Conduct

Our New Jersey settlers did not always lead a quiet life!  Apparently, Peter Sonmans expressed his displeasure with the state of electoral affairs on 1 Nov. 1710 in Middlesex Co., NJ. His words--and actions--caused his hearers to complain all the way to Gov. Robert Hunter.

The above is taken directly from Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the state of New Jersey, Vol. IV: The Administration of Governor Robert Hunter and President Lewis Morris 1709-1720. (Newark, NJ.: Daily Advertiser Printing House, 1882) pp. 15-16.