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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Arms for the Californians

From the Columbia Missouri Statesman
Columbia, Boone Co., MO
published March 8, 1850

"On the 14th March 1849, the Secretary of War caused to be published the following notice, which is of interest to California emigrants:

"War Department, March 14, 1849

"The following regulations will govern in issuing arms and ammunition, under the resolution of Congress, approved March 2, 1849:

"1. Each applicant must send to the War Department an affidavit that it is his bona fide intention to emigrate to Oregon, or California, or New Mexico, as the case may be, and must state distinctly what arms and ammunition he requires.

"2. On receipt of an application and affidavit, as above stated, a sufficient supply of the arms and ammunition designated by him, to arm and equip each applicant, may be delivered to him or his order, on payment of the cost thereof; provided the Government has such arms, and the same can be sold without detriment to the public service; and if not, then the applicant may receive such other arms and ammunition as he shall select, on the same conditions.

"3. Arms and ammunition, furnished as above, will be delivered to each applicant, or to his authorized agent, at the nearest and most convenient arsenal where the arms may be.  The place of delivery desired by the applicant, should be designated." 

"These regulations, we presume, are still in force. At all events we have no knowledge of their repeal.

"Last spring Maj. Wm. Bell, the officer in command at the Arsenal near St. Louis, was authorized to issue arms and ammunition, the above requirements being first complied with by the applicant. We suppose the same officer has the same authority now."

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