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Friday, September 9, 2011

"New" Inhabitants of Barnstable, MA 1662 and 1666

At a town meeting the 3d of October 1662

ordered & agreed that the sones of all ye present inhabitants shall successively be received as Inhabitants and Allowed equal Town Privileges In the Commons and such other Privileges as belong to the present Inhabitants as a Township at ye day of their marriage or the age of Twenty four years which shall happen first and it is further agreed that these following be admitted Inhabitants:

John Howland                                      Caleb Lumbard {Lomard}
James Cob                                           Samll Bacon
Samll Fuller, son of Samll Fuller Senr.    James Hamblin
Daniel Stueart                                       Samll Hicks                                      
Jabez Lumbard {Lombard}                    Edward Coleman
Edward Lewes                                      Samll Norman
Thomas Lumbard {Lombard}                 Nicholas Bourn {Bourne}
Thomas Ewer
John Sergeant
Samll Fuller, son of Lefft. Fuller {Lieutenant?}
Joseph Benjamin
John Lewes
John Crocker

1666 {no day or month given}

Dolar Davis
Jedidiah Lumbart {Lombard}
Samll Annable
Nathaniel Goodspeed
Samll Hinckley
Joseph Hallet
Meletiah Lothrop
John Phinney
----- Otis {no name given in original}
John Fuller

From: Barnstable Town Records, Charles Warner Swift and John Bear Doane Cogswell (Yarmouth, MA: C. W. Swift, 1912)

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