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Friday, September 9, 2011

Inhabitants of Barnstable, MA 1662

23rd February 1662

The names of ye Inhabitants of Barnstable:

 Abraham Blish                      Thomas Lothrop
Thomas Shane                      Thomas Lumbard {Lombard}
John Crocker                        John Hall (or Hull)
Doller Davis                          Henry Rowley
William Betts                          Isaac Nells
Robert Sherley                       John Smith
Thomas Hatch                       George Lewes
John Cooper                          Edward FittsRandle
Austin Bearse                         Bernard Lumbarde {Lombard}
William Crocker                      Roger Goodspeed
Henry Brown                          Henry Cob
Henry Coggin                         Thomas Huckey
Laurence Litchfield                 John Scudder
James Hamblin                       Samuel Mayo
James Cudworth                    Nathaniel Bacon
Thomas Hinkley {Hinckley}    Richard Foxwell
Isaac Robinson                      Thomas Dimock {Dimmock}
Samll Jackson                        Samll Hinkley {Hinckley}
Thomas Allin {Allen}  
Mr. John Mayo  
Mr. John Bursley  
John Casley  
William Casley  
Robert Lynnel

From: Barnstable Town Records, Charles Warner Swift and John Bear Doane Cogswell (Yarmouth, MA: C. W. Swift, 1912)

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