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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Word About Dutch Abbreviations

List of Abbreviations and translation of Dutch terms occurring in the Selyns day-book:

en syn h.           }
en syn huysv.    }    en syne huysvrouw        and his (house) wife
en syn huysvr.   }

h. v.                   }    housvrouw van        (house) wife of
w. v.                   }

wed. v.               }    weuwe van            widow of

de Hr.                }    de Heer            Sir or Mr.

Juffr.                  }    Juffrou,            Lady or Mrs.

* In the original MS. abbreviations in the names are indicated with the mark — above the last letter of the abbreviated name; this extract indicates them with a . mark.  In this list they only occur in male forms of patronymics; for instance: Jansz (Jansz.), or Jansze (Jansze.), stands for: Janszen.

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