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Monday, January 17, 2011

1686 Brooklyn Dutch Reformed Church Members: Part 6

All the following places were outside the City Walls.

Sara Joosten h. v. Isaac de Mill.
Dirck van de Clyff, en syn huysv. Geesje Hendricks.
Styntje Jans, h. v. Joost Carelszen.
Willem Hellaecken, en syn huysv. Tryntie Boelen.
Anna Maria Engelbert, h. v. Clement Elswaert.
Wilhelmus Beeckman, en syn h. Catharina de Boog.
Johannes Beeckman, en syn h. Aeltje Thomas.

b. Buyten de Landtpoort [Beyond the Country-gate] (Broadway, above Wall Street)

Anneken Schouten, h. v. Theunis Dey.

c. Over't Versch Water [Beyond the Fresh Water] (The old pond at Kalck-hoei, or The Collect.)

Wolfert Webber, en syn huysv. Geertruyd Hassing.
Neeltje Cornelis, h. v. Hendrick Corneliszen.
Arie Corneliszen, en syn h. Rebecca Idens.
Francjscus Bastiaensz. en syn h. Barbara Emanuels. (1)
Salomon Pieters, en syn h. Marritie Anthony.
Anthony Sarley, en syn huysv. Josyntie Thomas.
Francois van der Koeck, en syn h. Wyntie de Vries.
Daniel de Clerck, en syn huysv. Grietie Cozyns.
Cozyn Gerritszen, en syn huysv. Vrouwtje Gerrits.
Jan Thomaszen, en syn huysv. Appolonia Cornelis.
Pieter Janszen, en syn huysv. Marritje Jacobs.
Jacob Kip, en syn huysvr. Maria de la Montagne.
Maria Kip.
Juffr. Judith Isendoorn, w. v. den Hr Petrus Stuyvensant.(2)
Nicolaes Willem Stuyvesant, en h. Lysbeth Slichtenhorst.
Marritie Jacobs, h. v. Gys Servaes.
Abraham van de Woestyne.
Catalyntie van de Woestyne.

(1) Negroes
(2) D° Selyns spells his name Stuyvensant, Stuyvesant and in the banns Stuyvsant (Stuyvsants Bouwerye).

Ibel Bloottgoet, h. v. Ide Ariaenszen.
Pieter Jacobszen, en syn h. Belitie Ariens.
Jan de Groot, en syn huysv. Margrietie Gerrits.
Jacob de Groot, en syn huysv. Grietie Jans.
Jillis Mandevil, en syn huysv. Elsje Hendricx.
Grietje Mandevil.
Egbert Fockenszen, en syn huysv. Elsje Lucas.
Johannes Thomaszen, en syn h. Aefje Jacobs.
Johannes van Couwenhoven, en h. Sara Frans.

d. Aen de Grote KU [By the Great Kill]

Conradus van Beeck, en syn h. Elsje Jans.
Claes Emanuels. } negers
Jan de Vries. } negers

c. Boschtvyck, [Bushwick.]*

Lysbeth Jans, h. v. Joost Kockuyt.

f. Arme Bouwerye [Poor Farm] (1) (Steinway, L. I.)

Arnout Webber, en syn h. Janneken Cornelis.
Margariet Meyrinck, h. v. Hendrick Martensen.
Abraham Rycking.
Wyntie Theunis, wed. van Herck Tiebout.
Annetje Claes, h. v. Theunis Corneliszen.
Mr- Daniel Mortenauw, en h. Theuntie Vermeere.

g. Nieutv Thuyn, [Newtown] (2)

Catharina Jans, h. v. Stoffel Gerritszen van Laer.

(1) 'This "Poor Farm" was given to the Collegiate Church by Deacon Jeurian Fradell about 1651. It contained about 140 acres, together with three of the neighboring islands in the East River. It was still in possession of the church in 1686, as this item proves. It lay between Flushing Bay and Astoria, and is now covered by Steinway. The locality was known as the "Poor Bowery" until after 1850. The name still persists in "Bowery Bay" near by. For map and further particulars, see Riker's Newtown, 21-23, 35-37, 73
(2) Omitted in Wilson.

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