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Monday, July 20, 2015

Chester County, PA, Associators

The following is the list of the officers of the two Associate Regiments of Chester County in 1747-48. The original spelling has been maintained.
Colonels, William Moore, Andrew McDowell.
Lieutenant-Colonels, Samuel Flower, John Frew.
Majors, John Mather, John Miller.

Capt. David Parry.
Capt. Job Rushton.
Lt. Issac Davy.   
Lt. Joseph Smith.
Ensign Nathaniel Davies.   
Ensign James Dysart.
Capt. Roger Hunt.   
Capt. Andrew McDowell.
Lt. Guyon Moore.   
Lt. John Cunningham.
Ensign William Littles.   
Ensign George McCullough.
Capt. George Ashton.   
Capt. John McCall.
Lt. John Culbertson.
Ensign Edward Pearce.   
Ensign James Scott.
Capt. William McKnight.   
Capt. George Taylor.
Lt. Robert Anderson.   
Lt. John Vaugn.
Ensign Samuel Love.   
Ensign Robert Awl.
Capt. Moses Dickey.   
Capt. James Graham.
Lt. John Boyd.   
Lt. William Darlington.
Ensign James Montgomery.   
Ensign Francis Gardner.
Capt. Richard Richardson.   
Capt. Robert Grace.
Lt. John Cuthbert.   
Lt. John Kent.
Ensign John Hambright.   
Ensign Jacob Free.
Capt. John Williamson.   
Capt. Hugh Kilpatrick.  
Lt. James McMakin.   
Lt. William Buchanan.
Ensign John Johnson.   
Ensign William Cumming.
Capt. John Mathers.   
Capt. William Bell.
Lt. James Mathers.   
Lt. Robert McMullen.
Ensign Joseph Talbert.   
Ensign Rowland Parry.
Capt. James Hunter.   
Capt. Joseph Wilson.
Lt. Charles Moore.   
Lt. James Cochran.
Ensign Benjamin Weatherby.   
Ensign Joseph Parke.
Capt. John Miller.   
Capt. Henry Glassford.
Lt. George Bently.   
Lt. Robert Allison.
Ensign Thomas Brown.   
Ensign John Emmitt.
Capt. William Clinton.   
Capt. William Boyd.
Lt. Morris Thomas.   
Lt. John Culbertson.
Ensign William Carr.   
Ensign John Donald.
Capt. Thomas Hubert, Jr.   
Capt. William Reed.
Lt. John Rees.   
Lt. Thomas Hope.
Ensign Anthony Richard.   
Ensign Thomas Clarke.
Capt. George Leggitt.   
Capt. William Porter.
Lt. Thomas Leggitt.   
Lt. Robert Mackay.
Ensign Archibald Young.   
Ensign John Smith.


Penna. Archives, 2d series, Vol. ii., p. 506.

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