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Monday, February 13, 2012

List of Original Patentees of Harlem

The following is a list of the names of the original Harlem Patentees and Associates:

John Delavall,

Resolved Waldron,

Joost Van Oblinus [Oblienus],

Daniel Tourneur,

Adolph Meyer [Myer],

John Spragge,

Jan Hendricks Brevoort,

Jan Delamater,

Isaac Delamater,

Barent Waldron,

Johannes Vermilje [Vermilye],

Lawrence Jansen [Low],

Peter Van Oblinis [Oblenus],

Jan Dykeman [Dyckman],

Jan Nagel,

Arent Harmanse [Bussing],

Cornelis Jansen [Kortright],

Jacqueline Tourneur,

Hester Delamater,

Johannes Verveelen [Van Valen],

William Haldron [Holdrum],

Abraham Montanie [De La Montanye],

Peter Parmentier,

Jan Louwe Bogert,

Johannes Benson,

Charles Congreve,

Zacharias Sickels,

Marcus Tiebout,

John Kiersen,

William Holmes.

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